A Letter to President Obama

Well, this isn't exactly what I was expecting to post today, but it felt like what needed to be done. It's pretty self-explanatory, and I know it may piss a few folks off, but I'm willing to live with that. Everyone deserves health care, regardless....

Dear President Obama:

I am writing you to let you know that I am extremely disappointed in how the health care fight is going.

I campaigned for you and was elated when you were elected. You were the very first President I have ever voted for because I wanted to vote for you, rather than voting for the lesser of two evils. However, I'm also a realist and understand that, no matter how much you may have wanted to move this country forward towards real, lasting, positive change, it takes time. You have said so yourself... and you are right.

However, it doesn't mean that you can't continue to take a strong stand for the millions of people who are being gouged every day by private insurance companies and their greedy, manipulative tactics. I know that you have incredible pressure coming at you from the right, but I cannot stress enough that it is imperative that you stand up to Joe Lieberman and fight for real health care reform, including a Medicare buy-in and a strong public option.

I continue to believe in you, Mr. President, and I pray for you every day- that you find the strength to stand by your values and convictions, that you remember why we voted for you, and that you remember the legacy you are leaving your two beautiful daughters, my children and children everywhere.You have the power and opportunity to do so much good.

Thank you for having the courage to even take on this monumental task in the first place, particularly given the huge mess you were left with. And remember, that we, the millions who voted for you, are here for you, to stand by the words you spoke so eloquently during your campaign, and to work by your side to make sure we give every American a fair, fighting chance for a healthy life.

Thank you for your time (whoever is reading this...) and for inviting real dialogue. Please, please, please... make it count.