A Letter to My Body

Dear Body-

Thank you for being the sanctuary -  the home - for my soul in this lifetime. Thank you for all you give, do and express on a daily basis. Thank you for all the ways in which you function without having to be asked, cajoled, encouraged or bribed.

Thank you for the unwavering beating of this heart, the continual flowing of blood and plasma, the steady in and out of the breath and the ability to be present to it. Thank you for the exquisite function of the liver, kidneys and other cleansing organs. Thank you for the perfect lubrication of joints, the certain endurance of muscles, and the steady strength of bones. Thank you for taste, smell, touch, sound and sight - these senses which make being alive so delightful.

You work miraculously with no  effort on my part, and for that I thank you.

I honor you as the sacred vessel for my soul, the home for this lifetime's journey and the channel through which my soul's purpose is able to be conveyed. Without you my spirit would not be having nearly as grand an adventure with all the other wonderful spirits embodied here at this time in this place.

I apologize for any way in which I have ignored you -over-taxed or fed you, or under-exercised, fed or loved you. I apologize for any ways in which I have allowed others to hurt you in any way - with their words or their hands. I apologize for not standing up for you when you deserved it. I apologize for any way in which I have not cared for you as the precious gift you are.

I commit to caring thoroughly for you from this moment forward. I commit to loving you by feeding you the most vibrant, healthy and delicious foods. I commit to loving you by moving joyously in exercise, taking long walks in nature, and dancing with abandon. I commit to loving you by caring for you when you need tender attention, by getting enough sleep, and by resting when you need to rest.

I live continually in awe of your functionality and ability to experience and share great joy, empathy and love with all the other precious beings you enable me to encounter. I live gratefully, mindfully and lovingly in service to you so that I my fulfill my spiritual journey here.

Thank you for the dear blessing of this gift of Life here on Earth.

With utmost love and deepest respect,

Your Grateful Passenger Erin