Be Love... a Valentine's Day Invitation

Happy Valentine's Day.

Wherever you are, whoever you are with, whatever you are doing, I invite you to take a moment and remember what you are grateful for. Remember what you love about the people in your life, what you love about where you get to live, what you love about how many opportunities you have all around you.

Now that you are present to that, I invite you to remember that we are at a crucial time in human history - there is more at stake than ever before. Our children are the first generation of human beings who are being handed a world in worse shape than any previous generation... and we have a great opportunity to change that.

This is good news. We have the ability to turn things around.

In other words, we have the capacity to live from Love even more and to bring more potential for good to the world than we could ever dream was possible. One of the most powerful ways I know of doing that is to make a commitment to the possibility of leaving our children and grandchildren and generations to come with a Thriving, Just and Sustainable Way of Life for All. If you believe that this is not only a possibility, but also our responsibility, I invite you now to watch this video… let it Move you, let it Inspire you, let it Remind you that you have the Power to make a difference. Watch the video, get Inspired, Commit to doing something - ONE thing - different today.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you a most Breathtakingly Happy Valentine's Day.