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I absolutely loved being with you this past weekend!!! You did a stellar job, terrific preparation and presentation!! I also thoroughly loved being with everyone, meeting (in a wonderful essential way) other souls on their journey....more to come!!
— Laura D, January 2014, Murphys workshop

"I absolutely loved being with you this past weekend!!! You did a stellar job, terrific preparation and presentation!! I also thoroughly loved being with everyone, meeting (in a wonderful essential way) other souls on their journey....more to come!!"

-Laura D, January 2014 Murphys workshop


"This is not an easy "sit back and relax" workshop. It was an eye-opening journey of what brought you to this point in your life and led you to explore what you need to do now. It makes you discover what needs to be done to pursue your dreams."

-Monika, Januaury 2014 Murphys workshop


"GTYM was like taking 3/4 workshops at once. It was so real. It ripped open my heart. It let me into others' and it connected more deeply and motivated my more completely to go for my mission/vision than ever before. Thank you for informing, inspiring and igniting me to be my GREATEST contribution in the world. I totally f-xx-in' get that I really really matter!"

-Yebuny Johnson, January 2014 Murphys workshop


"I came knowing God led me there out of the blue. I knew I had to seek and find why I matter again when I was feeling despair and beaten. I was losing Love. This workshop connected me to loving people with a heart to make a difference just like mind. It showed me to love the people that cause me fear and bring me down. I learned so much in one weekend. If you have a dream, this workshop will help you make it happen."

-Sue Gordon, January 2014 Murphys workshop


"My coaching experience with Erin was transformational. Her beautiful support and encouraging guidance assisted me in coming back home to my Self and feeling my own light shine at a time in my life when I most needed it. I am grateful for our work together towards this shift that has allowed me to see the world with a new set of eyes.

Thank-you Erin!"

Theresa, Conservationist

Yukon, Canada


“You are an amazing coach with much insight, clarity and compassion…. I appreciate your wisdom and approach, and felt I came away with life skills for myself and also to help in my work.”

S. Michael, QX practitioner,

Murphys, CA


“My coaching experience with Erin has helped me to know that "I am I", and that is all I can really ever be. I have also learned that who I am does not have to be rigid, or be value-judged by me. I have learned that being and becoming are two different things and I need to give myself room for both everyday, and free myself from extreme self-criticism. My perception of self has shifted significantly to reflect more how I feel about me, instead of focusing so much energy on dissecting how I think others view me. I have been freed by my coaching experience and profoundly affected in the most wonderful ways.”

Erin Danielle Onweller, Non-Profit Development Consultant

Flint, MI


“I looked forward to my coaching call with Erin each week. I learned things about myself that I wouldn’t have noticed on my own. This type of coaching gave me the opportunity to come up with my own answers. Erin knew exactly how to get those answers out of me, even when I was having trouble finding them. Now that my coaching calls are finished, I have a complete workbook of exercises that continue to help me on a daily basis. And, if I ever need extra guidance, I know that Erin is only a phone call away.”

Lynn Jamieson

Bend, OR


“The combination of the non judgmental supportive environment that Erin created in addition to the structure and goals of Essentials Coaching I was able to manifest everything I wanted, things I felt before coaching were unattainable. In just a few months I was offered a position with a company that met all my requirements of a fulfilling career, I started a new conscious relationship, and I wake up everyday thanking the universe for such a blessed life. Erin's consistent support and insight was invaluable in turning unclear wants into achievable, measurable goals. I invite everyone who wants to make a change in their life, increase their passion, or even map out a path leading them to their life's purpose to contact Erin, you will be glad you did.”

Melissa Sener

Aurora, CO


“While going through a divorce, tough financial times, and struggles to realize my dreams, Erin helped me formulate a concrete plan to reach short term and long term goals. As a result I relocated to Los Angeles and am pursuing my vision to become a full-time writer/producer by meeting with industry professionals.”

Anthony B, Videographer

Los Angeles, CA


"I cleaned-up a past debt of $100 from 10 years ago and sold my house the following week which had been on the market for 18 months. Now I am the director of my life. I've always dreamed about traveling to different parts of the world. Since my coaching experience I have experienced 7 different countries and 4 states in the US. Amazing and incredible experiences continue to occur in my life."

Pam Linn, Counselor

Flint, MI


"Thanks Erin for your dedication, enthusiasm and love – what a wonderful environment in which to organize and plan one’s future! For anyone planning to maximize their success, I highly recommend taking the time and effort to participate in this process."

John “Angel” Archangeli, Community Organizer

Flint, MI


"You have had the most complete formula to be all spirit, all divine for me to keep my inner flame aligned with my purpose. You are able to hold your clients in such supportive care as they transform and unfold into the person they can become."

Bisa Duncan, Life Coach

Vancouver, BC, Canada


"You are amazing at reading what people are going through as opposed to what they are saying. You are insanely understanding and forgiving. I've never felt like you didn't connect to or understand where I was coming from."

Jennifer Wilson, Challenge Day Program Leader

San Francisco, CA


"It was a hard decision for me to commit to coaching; however, I'm thanking my lucky stars since I said 'yes' to Erin's program. Every time I got on the call with her it was like receiving a special gift. She is an exceptional coach who has an uncanny way of decompressing me so I can relax and open up to new feelings, insights, and possibilities. The coaching Erin gave was meant for me, but it also blessed everyone in my life. They all see and note the difference in my attitude. I recommend her coaching to everyone, and plan to continue working with Erin in the future. Only the luckiest people get a chance to enjoy her talent and friendship. I hope you are one of them."

--Tina Rotonda, NJ

Project Management Consultant



"After just one session with Erin, my life took an astonishing turn for the better..."

-Mercedes O’Connor, artist/writer


"As an artist, my experience of the art world has often been as an outsider, destructive of my creativity and feelings of well being. However, in my work with Erin, I developed a strategy that enabled me to hold myself in that often cool, judgmental world in a position where I can now love and accept myself and others regardless of what's happening "out there." While that sounds simple, it has been an amazing liberation from my accepting others' opinions and limitations to developing my own supportive framework of self worth."

Fiona Davies, fine artist

Lawson, Australia



"This has been the most positive, rewarding, insightful and challenging experience that I have had amongst all my coaching experiences. You are one of the most serving, inspiring, enthusiastic, positive, centered and honest individuals that I have met in a long time. I appreciate your intuitive insights and discerning questioning that has challenged me to go to the root of the matter, your clear and direct yet loving style that provided good strong accountability for me to fulfill my commitments, your strong ethics to choose what is right over what is convenient, and your capacity to relate, understand and empathize with what others are feeling. Thank you for being such a truthful, loving, caring individual committed to serving others with only your best. You are making a positive difference in the world; you certainly have to me. Keep up the great work!"

Gary Gradley, Owner



"You are someone who realizes her own magnificent potential… and the comfort and ease you bring to those around you is empowering. The way you lighten the atmosphere gives the same feeling as when a child gets away from a strict and judgmental adult. You give people freedom… you're basically someone's cheerleader when you're their coach. You're a great role model and influence… you make the environment uniquely pleasant, light and real. You've been a marvel for me to observe, to see just how good and influential someone can be and how much this can do for others."

--BW, Murphys, CA


"Coaching with Erin gave me so much more than I signed up for. Each week, I was lovingly guided and encouraged to remove all roadblocks and face all fears, and each week the process amazingly unfolded to provide me with exactly the next step I needed. My life has absolutely changed. My determination and Erin’s knowledge, compassion and commitment to me allowed me to trust in her and the process, and were the keys to my success. I now have many tools to validate and support myself as I continue to work towards my goals."

Ellen W.

Kelowna, BC