Inspire * Inform * Ignite

we are at a critical juncture in history. we are deciding – through who we are being (our thoughts, words and actions) – the very future of humankind’s fate on our planet. will we choose a world that works for all or global disaster? social equality or social injustice? it’s up to us. although we are up against the greatest challenges we have ever faced, i believe that we have everything we need to meet them with courage, ingenuity and infinite possibility. We are massively capable, no one is broken, and we have everything we need to make the shift from where we seem to be going toward a powerfully co-created positive, thriving and just future for all. all it takes is remembering who we really are and believing in ourselves and each other enough to make that shift.

my vision

what i see is possible…

a world where everyone knows that they matter and contributes to a just, inspirited, thriving and resilient life for all beings on Earth.

my mission

how we’re going to get there…

to inform, inspire and ignite individuals everywhere to get that they matter and illuminate our world in their own unique way.

my core values

how i stay on track...

  • authenticity… committing to risk speaking my truth, regardless of the potential for judgment or criticism.

  • awakening… standing for the wakeful evolution of humanity as we stretch and grow into ever-expanded versions of ourselves.

  • community… engendering co-liberative, cooperative and co-creative relationships where all are welcomed, supported and honored.

  • gratitude... deeply appreciating and acknowledging the blessings of every moment.

  • integrity… keeping my word and practicing it to the best of my ability every day.

  • joy… living with joy and remembering that nothing needs to be taken too seriously.

  • justice… practicing being love in public so all can thrive.

  • leadership… leading by example and encouraging others to find the leader in themselves.

  • love… living from the knowledge that Love is the source of everything, and always being willing to ask, “What would Love do now?”

  • oneness… loving the earth and all beings as a whole, living organism, and knowing we are One with everyone and everything.

  • presence… being in the present moment as much as possible.

  • regeneration… supporting a thriving, regenerative life for all beings (click here for more information and transparency).

  • service… being willing to choose the greater good of the whole (which includes me) over my personal wants and comforts.

  • transparency… being wiling to risk sharing what may be uncomfortable to share and hear, with kindness and compassion.

  • trust… relying on and reciprocating the integrity of others, and trusting myself.