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if you really knew me, i could tell you about what i’ve accomplished, but that just feels pretty superficial. the truth is, i dance with the freedom and discomfort of presence all the time. i’m passionate about creating more loving human connections with the earth, each other, ourselves and all beings. i have a growing sense that i have no idea who i am, which is sometimes scary and sometimes exhilarating. i’m slowly un-learning the things which so easily take me away from caring for myself by spending more time in meditation and contemplation, gardening, and being in nature. i know that our future on earth is more uncertain than ever. i believe we have affected ourselves, each other, and our planet in many seemingly irreversible ways. this irretrievable loss is felt by many as a deep grief, but by even more as a loneliness and separation exemplified by the “hungry ghost” mentality.

what i keep wondering is… what if what is happening to us could also be for us, as an unprecedented opportunity for unconditional Love to rise and transform our judgements and separation into solutions that unite us? i created REthinkREgeneration and riseforlove as responses to this question.

i was raised in a family of academics, nature-lovers and activists on a beautiful 240-acre homestead in the Sierra Nevada mountains, which greatly colors the lens through which i see the world. every time i’m there, i experience the solitude which has always kept me connected to my inner wondering, intuiting and deep knowing. although i no longer live there full-time, i’m always working on ways to spend more time there.

i love singing and playing guitar for anyone who will listen. i relish writing, reading books (especially on rainy days), cups of hot tea pretty much any time, good conversations, and snuggling with my wonderful husband Jakob. I cherish my relationships with Jakob, our amazing adult children, our new granddaughter, and our growing global community of family and friends. i’m passionate about activating community visions, creating my podcast, organizing concerts for global awakening, and facilitating workshops and other transformational gatherings. i love weaving community both here at home and in places where i can travel with as low a carbon footprint as possible (no more airplanes!).

Jakob and i enjoy a beautifully full life with our chosen family at our home/community center/permaculture farm The Refuge. collectively, we envision The Refuge as a thread in a tapestry of of interwoven communities where people work, play, rest, and regenerate themselves, each other, and the land.  we are committed to co-creating an emerging, adaptive, co-liberative human presence on Earth, in which diverse peoples live in intentional community, modeling the skills, technologies and practices of environmental and social justice, simplicity, service, and nonviolent activism. check out our calendar to learn more about what we have going on here and elsewhere!

if you really want to know more about what i’ve done before, you can check out my CV here. otherwise, i’d really love to read your comments about the things i share in my blog (thoughts)… I far prefer to dialogue with you there. thank you for visiting!